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Personal Care Items Based on Natural Ingredients - I

4:45 PM PST, 8/30/2009

Personal Care Items Based on Natural Ingredients - I
Personal Care products utilize ingredients put together into a formulation to be utilized for a specific purpose.  In the case of Health & Beauty products, the formulation normally provides
  1. cleaning of the skin,
  2. functional ingredients to enrich the skin and or
  3. for prevention or repair of the effects of aging and or environmental damage. 
Many individuals prefer formulations that are based on organic ingredients or natural ingredients as opposed to synthetic ingredients based on petroleum chemistry or inorganic chemistry.
In the end, the science of chemistry focuses on compositions of matter; these compositions of matter are essentially chemicals regardless of the origin of the composition.  Amino acids, for example, a core component of human, animal and plant life are, after all, compositions of matter that are chemicals.  Amino acids can be synthesized from the basic building blocks of chemicals; but they can also be derived or extracted from natural products.
Consumers prefer to have Personal Care products formulated derived from or extracted from natural products since the total composition of a synthetic chemical, prepared from petroleum, for example, are never completely disclosed to the consumer.
How can one learn what are natural ingredients?  This is not so easy to do.  However there are resources the consumer may choose to rely on that helps identify what ingredients that may be cleansing, anti-aging and ameliorate environmental damage.  In particular, the consumer may consider the U.S. Naturals Standards published by the Natural Products Association.
The Natural Products Association is the largest and oldest non-profit association, organized in 1936, and representing over 10,000 retailers, producers and marketers of food, health and beauty products based on natural ingredients.
Jonathan Lyle Brand Products manufactures markets and sells Personal Care products based on natural ingredients; many are organic.  When selecting Personal Care products, consumers should keep in mind the ingredients list known as the U.S. Naturals Standard.

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